When looking at Star Wars TIE fighters, you’re talking about one of the fantastic and most distinctive ships in any science fiction universe. These fictional ships serve the same role as individual fighter planes, and are powered by twin ion engines, which is where the acronym TIE comes from. These extremely agile and maneuverable ships are found in all three of the original Star Wars movies as well as the newest release.

The maneuverability and fighting style of these vessels was very intentionally considered by the original filmmakers. The idea was to have a quality rebel fighter that might look somewhat familiar, but the empire would have a very original ship that was its equal in combat. Battles between the rebel force and the Empire were meant to bring back images of World War II dogfights were massive battles could also be broke down to serious one on one battles between talented pilots on both sides of the fight.

These Star Wars TIE fighters certainly held up their side of the bargain in helping to create this image! While there were some instances of off-shoots of the TIE fighter, like the double padded versions that were making bombing runs in the asteroid field to look for the Millennium Falcon. There are multiple other types of TIE fighters also mentioned in the books off of the Star Wars universe, if you accept those as canon material.

In Conclusion
When you have such a vast universe like the Star Wars universe, there are so many different interesting things you can study to get really into the creation. The TIE fighter was one of the most distinct new ships in any science fiction universe and that left an undeniable mark on the science fiction genre as a whole.